Ghostface Plays By Rules Different Than Any Other Villain — Here Are The Unofficial Ways To Survive A "Scream" Movie

    There are certain rules that one must abide by in order to successfully survive...

    The countdown for the new Scream and a Ghostface who looks even more dangerous than ever has begun, so I think it's time we discussed the rules to survive these movies.

    Sure, we've all heard the "rules" before, in Randy's big movie night speech in the first Scream. But let's be honest, those rules don't really seem to hold up in allllll these movies, right? Probably because they aren't the REAL rules to surviving.

    So, here are the ones they seem to miss:

    1. This one seems like it should be obvious but it somehow always gets ignored: TRUST NO ONE.

    2. Significant others are always a suspect.

    3. Never go anywhere alone.

    4. Don't answer the phone.

    5. Get yourself arrested.

    6. Leave.

    7. And stay far, FAR away from Sidney Prescott.

    What are some unofficial rules to surviving a Scream movie have you noticed? Let me know all of them in the comments!