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9 Tips For Growing Veggies And Herbs This Season

Got a green thumb or want to earn one? Check out Bonnie Plants and make gardening a snap.

Make sure your containers are getting six hours of sun every day so your plants will be at their most flavorful.

Plant them deep in the soil for a strong root system.

Try planting in a raised bed.

Even a small freeze or frost could mean the end. If a spring chill is in the forecast, cover sensitive plants with a frost blanket.

So incorporating lots of nutrient-rich compost is important to help your plants grow to their full potential.

Full sun is ideal for these plants, so place them where they can sunbathe if possible. If not, plants can grow partly in the shade.

Earthworms are great for soil health, which helps improve plant growth. Welcome, wormies!

Try mulching around your garden to discourage weeds and maintain the soil's moisture level. Simply spread your mulch over already-weeded soil, and you're good to go. There are many mulch options — choose the one that is best for your garden.

Watering your plants correctly is essential to their health, and different plants have different needs. Be sure to look up the proper watering instructions for your particular plant so you can make sure your babies are getting the right amount of sustenance.

The early bird gets the worm. Trust Bonnie Plants for your spring gardening this year.

All tips courtesy of Bonnie Plants.