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12 Reasons "How To Train Your Dragon" Needs To Be Appreciated More

They're lit.

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1. First of all, the characters are so relatable:


Hiccup is the misunderstood one. Astrid is the fierce and strong woman. The twins (Ruffnut and Tuffnut) are funny and crazy. Fishlegs is the one full of unnecessary facts. Snotlout is the pretty boy obsessed with girls. Stoic is the chief of the family. And Gobber is the fun uncle figure.

5. These movies make you feel ~emotions~:


I ain't gonna tell you who dies, but I cried. Tears just rolled down my face. I cried in both the first and the second movie.

11. There is also a reunion with Hiccups mother, Valka. Who you saw in the first film:


She was stolen away when the village was fighting dragons. A dragon got into their house and was looking at baby Hiccup. The dragon took her and flew away.

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