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Ways Sports Drinks Can Help Your Body After A Workout

What even are electrolytes? Do you or your young athlete even need them?

BODYARMOR is a better-for-you sports drink with natural flavors and sweeteners, electrolytes like potassium, and coconut water to replenish your body whenever you work up a sweat.

When you work out, you sweat out a lot.

Thirsty? Load up on electrolytes.

And when it comes to electrolytes, BODYARMOR Sports Drink picks potassium over sodium.

Don't be afraid to consume sugars.

Ditch any unnatural dyes.

Step up your hydration game with coconut water.

You're taking the time to get in shape, so take the time to give your body exactly what it needs. BODYARMOR Sports Drink provides superior hydration, the delicious taste of natural flavors and sweeteners, and more great stuff that replenishes your body. Save $0.50 on your next purchase!

Illustrations by Victoria Reyes / BuzzFeed