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    This Mind-Blowing Theory Will Change The Way You Read Garfield Forever

    There's evidence that suggests Garfield died more than 30 years ago. Is creator Jim Davis hiding something?

    This June, everyone's favorite cartoon feline, Garfield, turns 37 years old.

    Research shows that the oldest cat to ever live, Creme Puff, only lived to 38 years old, which is the equivalent of 169 in cat years.

    My theory: Garfield is likely already dead!

    March 15th, 1980 a.k.a The Smoking Gun

    It starts to add up...

    Over time, Jon becomes increasingly frustrated.

    Odie's saliva preserves Garfield's body.

    How do you explain this?

    Remember this classic strip?

    What are you hiding, Jim Davis?

    *mind blown*