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    Aaron Rodgers Is Really Freaking Good At Football

    How does he keep doing this?!

    Wow. Just wow. The Green Bay Packers, who started the season 4-6, have now won 7 straight games. Aaron Rodgers and co. are heading to Dallas next week after embarrassing the Giants 38-13 in Sunday's NFC Wild Card Game.

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    After a pretty forgettable first quarter in which he threw for just 19 yards, Aaron Rodgers finished the game with 362 passing yards, four touchdowns, and a 125.2 passer rating. Damn.

    But instead of yammering about the whole game (which would take a while), I want to focus on two of those TDs in particular. Because, like, how? What? Huh? I DON'T UNDERSTAND.

    Anyway, may I now turn your attention to:

    Exhibit A: This.

    This Aaron Rodgers escape = 😱😱😱😱😱 This Davante Adams catch = 😱😱😱😱😱 Touchdown, @Packers! #GoPackGo #NFLPlayoffs

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    This. This 10-second scramble shit right here. Just look at his feet. The evasiveness! The patience! The perfectly thrown ball! Like, how do you even hope to defend someone who's THAT comfortable under pressure and throwing from his back foot? WOW.

    Here's Rodgers about 5 seconds into this play, which is like an eternity in NFL time.

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    His receivers are all covered. Giants DT Damon Harrison has a clear path to a sack. His pocket is starting to collapse around him. Everyone in the stands is dressed like a monster because it's so cold outside. Things are not good!

    And then look at where the ball miraculously winds up! Even the defender is in disbelief!

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    But of course, this wasn't even the most amazing thing that happened yesterday. For that we have to look at:

    Exhibit B: The Hail Rodgers

    Yup. @AaronRodgers12 just threw ANOTHER Hail Mary. UNBELIEVABLE. #GoPackGo #NFLPlayoffs

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    WHAAAAAT. (Honestly, if they don't rename Hail Mary's "Da Bomb" after NFL Blitz, they should really rename them "Hail Rodgers.")

    Have you ever seen a more confused looking secondary? They can't believe what they're seeing.

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    Meanwhile Randall Cobb is probably like "Whoaaaaaaaaaaa."

    Using the combined powers of MATH and ESTIMATION, Rodgers' bomb went about 67 yards (about 200 feet) yesterday, not factoring in arc because I forgot how to calculate that. Thank you to Pythagoras (pictured: top right) for allowing me to use his theorem.


    And this isn't the first time Rodgers has unleashed a touchdown-scoring Hail Mary in the last two seasons! It's not even second. IT'S THE THIRD!!!

    The Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary TD Trilogy. #GoPackGo

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    How. How is this guy so freaking good?

    Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images

    We may never know. But, Dallas, a word? BEWARE.