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The Most Random BuzzFeed Quiz Ever

literally so random like omg rawr XD

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  1. Choose a Bubble

  2. Hot Dog or Sandwich

  3. Four Waffles or One Waffle

  4. Pick a number

  5. Pick a Surgery

  6. Pick a squad member

The Most Random BuzzFeed Quiz Ever

You got: Wayne Riggs as a Namesake!!

Disclaimer*** DO NOT screenshot this and put it in the groupme, instead just motivate people to take the quiz! Welcome to the Riggs Family!! Wayne D Riggs is the Academic Chair of the Philosophy Department at OU. His main research field is Epistemology and the theory of Knowledge! Plus he's our AMAZING NAMESAKE! ***Make sure not to screenshot this or put anything in the groupme! We want this to be a surprise for everyone!

Wayne Riggs as a Namesake!!
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