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Beat Topics

Here are the beat topics I am most interested in:

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Sports, particularly here in the Carolinas, are a big part of my upbringing. I love the atmosphere of live games, the commentary provided on TV, and the overall thrill big hits and last second shots being made. I am a sports addict, and love hearing stories of all kinds in the sporting world.


My other obsession has to be film. I am amazed by the growth of filmmakers and actors more and more, and the time and effort put in to perfect their craft. I thrive on the feeling of seeing a new film released, and the beauty that is being brought to the world by its artists.


I am a history major, so it is natural that I like reading about history. My areas of interest of history are mainly center around 20th Century United States and Europe, and more specifically in the military and political fields of study.

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