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10 Small Acts Of Kindness That Go A Long Way

Adding a little humanity to your day can have quite an effect. No matter how small, acts of kindness make a difference — just like the folks at BMO, who are always here to help.

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2. When you get great service, talk to the manager and let them know who has helped you and done a great job.


If someone’s been helpful, why not do what you can to be sure they’re rewarded?

3. If you’ve hailed a cab and see someone near you who needs it more, give it up — especially if you’re not in a hurry.

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A simple good deed that costs you very little and will make someone’s day.

4. Offer to pick up groceries for a senior in your neighbourhood.

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If you’re heading to the grocery store anyway, it’s easy to grab items for someone who isn’t able to move so freely. Bonus: Delivering the groceries will give you the chance to develop new friendships.

5. When you receive excellent service in a restaurant, be sure to tip above 20%.

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Being a waiter is a hard job requiring constant running around, handling dirty dishes, dealing with delays in the kitchen, and keeping a smile on your face all the while. If the person doing that job for you does it exceptionally well, be sure to show your gratitude!

10. When you’re driving and someone lets you into a lane or allows you to merge, acknowledge the kindness with a wave.

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Establish a human connection with your fellow drivers and keep everyone safe on the road.

Finally, when you see a friend in need, offer to help without being asked. The folks at BMO did just that, and you can watch their story here.

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