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    Jul 22, 2013

    Possibly The Worst Job Interview Performance In The History Of The Eastern Seaboard

    Cameron Wake was this close to nailing it. And by "this," we mean...

    Alex Trautwig / Getty Images

    Grantland ran an excellent piece last week about Cameron Wake, the Miami Dolphins defensive end shown above engaging in America's national pastime (causing Mark Sanchez to fumble). There's a lot of good material in the piece about Wake's unusual path to the NFL (he worked for a while at a Bally gym after going undrafted) and why he's so good at rushing the passer, but let's focus on one particular anecdote: the time Wake gave the worst job audition of the century.

    In 2007 Wake was trying to make the Canadian Football League. He showed up at Howard University's Greene Stadium for a tryout with the B.C. Lions.

    Via Wikipedia

    Howard University is in Washington, D.C. As in the nation's capital.

    Washington Post / Getty Images

    But, as Wake eventually realized to his utter terror, his tryout was actually at Hampton University.

    Via Hampton University

    Which is in Hampton, Virginia.


    That's the Hampton Coliseum, a famous concert venue. Phish plays there a lot.

    Hampton's Armstrong Stadium was, and is, a cool 181 miles away from Greene Stadium, where Wake had showed up.

    Wake actually still ended up making the B.C. Lions, and, eventually, the NFL's Miami Dolphins. So, take heart, the next time you gruesomely botch a question in a job interview, that the guy who missed his interview by 200 miles still ended up with the gig he wanted.