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The Legend Of Shoeless Mike Miller

A veteran sharpshooter walked out of a cornfield to make one of the bigger shots of the NBA season.

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"Shoeless Joe" Jackson was a baseball player for the Chicago White Sox, so nicknamed because he had once played a game in his socks. He was banned from baseball after he was found to have helped throw the 1919 World Series at the behest of gamblers. In the movie Field of Dreams, based on the novel Shoeless Joe, Mr. Joe's restless ghost appears, along with those of his teammates, to a troubled farmer in an Iowa cornfield.

Mike Miller was once a starter and borderline star in the NBA. Now he's a role player for the Miami Heat. He averaged 15 minutes a game this season. But in the Finals his ghost, as it were, walked out of a Florida swamp and back into a starting role, where he's made 11 3-pointers on 14 attempts. None were more memorable than this.

That fourth-quarter trey helped keep the Heat in a game they'd later come back and win dramatically. You'll notice something about that shot: Miller canned it while his left shoe was nowhere to be found.

No one knows what happened to Mike Miller's shoe.* And no one ever saw him again after that shot.**

* He threw it to the bench after it'd come loose on a previous play.

** He'll be back to play Game 7 on Thursday.

Godspeed, Shoeless Mike Miller. May your wanderings among the Floridian swamplands someday bring you peace.