Filipino Kids Return To Playing Basketball Amid The Rubble Of Typhoon Haiyan

Survivors of disaster make do.

Basketball has long been a popular sport in the Philippines. And after Typhoon Haiyan devastated the central part of the country, survivors have improvised ways to play the game.

David Guttenfelder / AP

A game in Tacloban City, one of the locations hit hardest by Haiyan.

David Guttenfelder / AP

These players scavenged nails and wood from wreckage to prop up the hoop. Read Associated Press writer Todd Pitman’s description of coming across the game here.

Aaron Favila / AP

At the Old Children’s Park in Tacloban City.

Chris McGrath / Getty

Outside the Tacloban astrodome.

David Guttenfelder / AP

In Guiuan municipality.

David Guttenfelder / AP

More from Guiuan.

Nicholas Asfouri / AFP / Getty

In Jaro municipality.

Dan Kitwood / Getty

Note the grounded freighter in the background.

Edgar Su / Reuters

This stadium in Tacloban has been turned into a shelter.

Edgar Su / Reuters

This Grantland piece by Rafe Bartholemew puts the phenomenon of post-disaster hoops in context and includes some memorable images from past floods.

Romeo Ranoco / Reuters

The Tacloban Active Basketball Center had been running training sessions throughout the fall on Saturdays. The last note posted on their Facebook page announced a session on Nov. 2.

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