Oregon Football Player Thinks Sandy Hook Is A Government Conspiracy

He saw a video about it on YouTube.

Paul Connors / AP

2. Colt Lyerla is a tight end on the Oregon football team whose Twitter account is all about expanding the sheeple’s mindframe.

#Sometimes I act like I’m unknowledgeable just to see how biased your view really is.— ..::âš¡Câš¡::..

3. Bringing you the knowledge-science that THE MAN wants to suppress.

I wanna live in a world based upon ethical common sense - not the current world of bias policy and law.— ..::âš¡Câš¡::..

4. Yeah.

The unification of our nation depends upon the realization of legalization. #qouteme #retweet— ..::âš¡Câš¡::..

5. He came upon a particularly paradigm-boggling video yesterday, which purports to demonstrate that the Sandy Hook shootings were part of a conspiracy.

If you have a half hour you should watch this and enlighten yourself. http://t.co/cDYzNX4Vft— ..::âš¡Câš¡::..

6. This was his response to a Twitter user in the subsequent uproar.

Oregon’s Daily Emerald student newspaper posted the screencap above.

7. Lyerla has since deleted that tweet, but hasn’t taken down the video and continues to post self-congratulatory messages about his own intellectual courage.

I ain't crazy, I just got ballz. #dealwitit

— ..::⚡C⚡::.. (@ThaRealCL)

I ain’t crazy, I just got ballz. #dealwitit— ..::âš¡Câš¡::..

8. The University of Oregon, needless to say, has issued a statement calling Lyerla’s assertions “insensitive and offensive.”

9. I have released my own personal statement to Colt Lyerla.

10. Consider the matter closed.

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