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Nick Swisher Enrages Little League Coaches Everywhere With Lack Of Hustle

Run it out!

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'Twas a tie game in the bottom of the eighth in last night's Tigers-Indians contest when Nick Swisher hit a dribbler up the third base line. Now, Swisher is usually known as a guy who plays hard. And what he should've done — what every Little League coach in the world would've been yelling at him to do — is run to first just in case something weird happened and the ball went fair. Even the most lackadaisical hot-doggin' big shot could've told him that turning his back on the play was most definitely a bad idea.

But Swisher didn't run, and what do you know, the ball spun fair. And the Indians lost a potentially key baserunner in a big intra-divisional matchup. And Nick Swisher learned a valuable lesson. And probably got yelled at a lot in the locker room by manager Terry Francona later on. Or at the least got a raised eyebrow that indicated "do that again and your new home will be 'Terry Francona's Doghouse-ville.'"

On the plus side for Swisher, hustling and having great game awareness isn't as important to being a professional outfielder as being a great athlete who's really skilled at hitting. So in the long run he's fine. Don't tell the kids that, though!