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    An NBA Game In Mexico City Was Canceled Because The Arena Was On Fire

    And not in the good way like "this guy has made so many three-pointers in a row that he's on fire."

    The San Antonio Spurs and Minnesota Timberwolves were supposed to play a special NBA game in Mexico City tonight. Two quality teams (with Spanish-speaking stars) expanding the international audience. Great idea. One problem: the arena was on fire.

    OK, it wasn't, like, engulfed in flame. (And no injuries have been reported.) But SOMETHING in there was on fire — initial reports blamed the electrical system.

    The NBA initially delayed the game, hoping it would be possible to clear the smoke and play.

    But it wasn't possible in time. The arena was evacuated and the game canceled.

    This means that 30 NBA millionaires now have a night to kill in Mexico without having to worry about playing a game, so whatever revenue the local economy loses from the cancellation should be made up in bottle-service tequila sales.