An NBA Game In Mexico City Was Canceled Because The Arena Was On Fire

And not in the good way like “this guy has made so many three-pointers in a row that he’s on fire.”

1. The San Antonio Spurs and Minnesota Timberwolves were supposed to play a special NBA game in Mexico City tonight. Two quality teams (with Spanish-speaking stars) expanding the international audience. Great idea. One problem: the arena was on fire.

Screenshot via @cjzero

2. OK, it wasn’t, like, engulfed in flame. (And no injuries have been reported.) But SOMETHING in there was on fire — initial reports blamed the electrical system.

Miguel Tovar / STF / Getty

3. The NBA initially delayed the game, hoping it would be possible to clear the smoke and play.

Miguel Tovar / STF / Getty

4. But it wasn’t possible in time. The arena was evacuated and the game canceled.

Alfredo Estrella / AFP / Getty

5. This means that 30 NBA millionaires now have a night to kill in Mexico without having to worry about playing a game, so whatever revenue the local economy loses from the cancellation should be made up in bottle-service tequila sales.

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