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    Most Famous Butt In NFL Set To Retire

    A bittersweet day for a legendary butt.

    Last Thanksgiving, Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez ran into offensive guard Brandon Moore's butt and fumbled. The Patriots returned the ball for a touchdown.

    It became known as the Butt Fumble because of how the one guy's butt caused the other guy to fumble. And the Jets, especially Sanchez, were a real mess last year so the play conveniently symbolized their season.

    Today NFL reporter and radio host Adam Caplan reported that Moore, and his butt, are set to retire.

    Nick Laham / Getty Images

    Laffs aside, Moore started 142 games for the Jets — including 137 in a row — in a 10-year career, which is a dang impressive feat.

    Diamond Images / Getty Images

    May your retirement be peaceful and blissfully free of goofball quarterbacks running into your butt, sir.

    Jeff Zelevansky / Getty Images