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Los Angeles Times Uncovers Extremely Patronizing Handbook For Raiders Cheerleaders

ALWAYS keep your nail polish nearby.

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Last week an Oakland Raiders cheerleader (pictured above with her attorney) filed suit against the team, alleging that it violates labor laws by failing to compensate its sideline dancers for rehearsals and mandatory community appearances. Today, a Los Angeles Times article uncovered a purported Raiders cheerleader conduct guide, and, as they say, it is a doozy. (The team has yet to issue any comment on the lawsuit or the conduct guide.) Among the excerpts from the handbook quoted in the Times:

• "Keep nail polish pads in your car for emergencies."

• "If you don't like your meal, try a little of everything and strategically move the rest around your plate." (From an inexplicable section on how to eat in public.)

• "Make a point to find out if a player is married ... In most cases, he won't tell you!"

• "There are some young men on the Raider staff who are married and yet some of the Raiderettes like to call them 'just to chat.'"

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