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    A Fine-Art Painting Of The Miami Heat's Big Three Having A Sleepover In The Late '90s

    It's on display in Brooklyn right now! / Via Rachel B. Glaser

    That's "Miami Heat Sleepover," an image created from scratch using Photoshop by Rachel B. Glaser, a Massachusetts artist whose NBA-inspired work is currently showing at a gallery in Brooklyn. (The gallery's website notes that "basketball combines the basic game 'catch' with the dynamics of dance, the love of a team, an instinct to win, and the otherness of games." THE OTHERNESS OF GAMES.) Glaser is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, which Mark Rothko once called "the Stephen Curry of art schools*." She created the Heat painting shortly after the team's big three started their first season together — you can read more about that on Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie blog. To see some of Glaser's non-basketball work, go here, and to inquire about buying a print of one of her works or commissioning a new one, check out the NBA Paintings site linked above.

    * Not true, but it does have a very good reputation.