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    Posted on Aug 12, 2013

    1 GIF That Encapsulates What The First Day Of Football Practice Feels Like

    "So far, so goo—OOF I'M DEAD."

    Ross Douglas is a freshman on the Michigan football team. He was a pretty big deal as a recruit, one of the top 250 players in the country.

    Thomas Rawls is a junior. He was a less big deal as a recruit and is currently a backup.

    But right's the first week of football practice, Thomas Rawls is an upperclassman, and Ross Douglas is a sack of fresh meat.

    Here's Douglas, number 29 in the white jersey, participating in the "Michigan" drill, in which his job is to hit a blocker and then tackle Rawls. Things start off pretty well, actually.

    But then...

    Well, that's not what a tackle is supposed to look like.

    At some point, we've all been Ross Douglas.

    Douglas did pop right up to get back in line. Keep your head up, Ross. Some day it'll be you knocking the crap out of a freshman on an embarrassing video that your own team distributes on the internet.

    h/t MGoBlog