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What No One Will Tell You About Being A Bridesmaid

The only thing worse than watching your bestie succumb to a life of monogamy and casseroles is having to participate in the special hell of bridesmaid duties. If you’ve ever been a bridesmaid, we KNOW you know what we’re talking about.

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If you think being a bridesmaid is all fun and games...

...think again.

You're expected to get cozy with people you have nothing in common with,

Which seems manageable...

...until you're forced to wear matching #bridesquad clothes.

When it's time to shop for dresses, expect at least one bridezilla moment...

...and be prepared to deal with the aftermath.

Know that you'll overpay for your bridesmaid dress,

but don't worry... can "definitely wear it again".

In the months before the wedding, you'll discuss colour schemes like they're baby names,

"Midnight or Chartreuse?"

and answer some pretty uncomfortable questions.

"Is getting cold feet a bad sign?"

And don't even get me started on picking a bachelorette theme that everyone likes.

But when the big day arrives, you'll have lots to look forward to:

Posing for photos until your mouth hurts,

dancing to cliché music,

and probably getting an unfortunate makeover.

Though bridesmaiding can be a real chore...

It's a labour of love.

And who knows,

Maybe one day she'll make it up to you.

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