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Tell Us About The Most Eye-Opening "Aha" Moment You've Ever Had

That moment where everything just clicks and you’re filled with wonder? That’s an “aha” moment. To your friendly neighborhood blue guys over at Blue Man Group, these are #ibluemyself moments!

OK, so have you ever encountered a moment that just sort of knocks the emotional wind out of you? A moment that can only be described as euphoric and eye-opening and identity-affirming?

That's called an "aha" moment.

"Aha" moments can be super varied in terms of the reaction they elicit — contentment, joy, bliss, and enlightenment are all common responses — and where and when they happen.

Whenever you look back at these moments, you realize how genuinely life-changing they are and how seminal they've been in your growth as a human.

And without fail, you know they've made your life better in ways big and small.

For example, maybe you were in the middle of a particularly dreary college course when you realized you were pursuing the wrong major — and decided to change the course of your career entirely.

Or maybe you had an "aha" moment while exploring a foreign country, where you discovered that your soul was actually calling you to stay there...for good.

Perhaps it was the moment you realized, without a doubt, that you were in love with your significant other in a way you'd never experienced with anyone else before.

Whatever and wherever it was, we want to hear about the instance that changed your life!

Comment below about the "aha" moment that truly opened your eyes forever.

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