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9 Post-Trump Therapy Shows You Need To Watch Right Now

For many, Trump's America is a frustrating, difficult place in which to live, but with a mind toward diversity and empowerment, we can not only resist, but help actually make America great again. Here are movies and TV shows to inspire, from the badass ladies of Blue Fever.

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1. The Intervention

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Tess Bellomo, co-creator of Liked Web Series says, "This is a low budget independent feature written, directed, and produced by an actress about a group of friends who go away for a weekend to have an intervention with one of their friends. In actuality, this backfires and every individual figures out they cannot have an intervention when they have their own issues to work out. We love that the movie displays women in an authentic way—strong yet vulnerable, patient yet fiery, and emotional yet funny. Women can be all of those things. The story and dialogue are really powerful and beautiful."

2. Hidden Figures

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"Hidden Figures is the incredibly inspiring story of the black women who helped make NASA what it was in its early days," says Hannah Bear, co-producer of Liked Web Series. "It's powerful in its message, that girls, and people of color, can do anything they work hard for, a message which is sadly missing from most most movies."

3. Bridesmaids

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This movie was such a hit when it came out that it's now a comedy classic. Still, how hilarious it is is nothing short of revolutionary, and continues to affect and inspire female filmmakers and comedians to kick butt and crack us up.

4. 13th

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Ava Duvernay's follow-up to her phenomenal Martin Luther King Jr. biopic, Selma, is a harrowing documentary that looks into the industrialized prison system in the US, and how it disproportionately affects minorities, becoming essentially modern slavery. Kris van Genderen, of DYM films, says, "It's a dark, difficult film, but in these times, it has never been more important to watch."

5. Election

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Lauren Tracy, co-founder of Blue Fever, says, "This movie sneaks up on you. It starts out as a pretty straight-forward, very funny high school comedy, and it turns into a surprisingly dark, super-smart satire before you even realize it's happening. Reese Witherspoon was phenomenal, even back in 1999, and it has discussions of female empowerment that are even more relevant today."

6. South Side with You


A really lovely story of when Barack and Michelle Obama met. Its performances are delightfully sweet and humanistic, and it presents Chicago in a loving, fully-explored way. With our current president, it's therapeutic to look back on the relationship origins of our first black president, and his incredibly smart, charming first lady.

7. Loving

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This is a gorgeous, beautifully made film with a decade-best performance from Ruth Negga that tells the true story of Richard and Mildred Jeter, a white man and black woman who fell in love in the fifties, when interracial marriage was still illegal in many states, including their home state of Virginia. They faced ugly discrimination and fierce racism on all sides, but their love was beautiful, and it's an amazing portrayal of love persevering against hate.

8. Parks and Recreation

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Boasting a cast that, even though it premiered almost a decade ago, was admirably diverse, and full of wonderful, hilarious performers, Parks and Rec is a delightful story of a maniacally hardworking woman who won't let anyone or anything stop her from making her ridiculous town the best place it can be. Filmmaker Josie Kaye, or Dr. Josie K, as she's known on YouTube, says, "For any other actress, this would be a career-defining performance, but this is Amy Poehler we're talking about, whose career is ridiculously amazing. She's just perfect here: Sweet, real, inspiring, and hilarious. I just wish Leslie Knope were real, and would run for president."

9. His Girl Friday

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1940! This was a radical new view of what a woman can be and do. For the first time, a female character, played by Rosalind Russel, makes the decision to go back to her job as a journalist instead of playing it safe and becoming the typical mid-west housewife she's expected to be. Better yet, the movie celebrates her choice. She gets the job, and she rocks it, and falls back in love with her ex Cary Grant. C'mon, it's Cary Grant! It doesn't get better than that.

10. Tootsie

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Feminism isn't new! And this movie serves as a reminder that a ton of feminists out there are men. Some men actually do get it! We love Dustin Hoffman playing a perfectionist actor who dresses as a somewhat unattractive woman and finds out what the day to day realities of many women's lives are. Knowing how it feels, he becomes a proponent of feminism and empowered women.

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