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Which Gallagher staff are you?

You now live in the best dorm on campus! Here's a little quiz to get to know the staff better.

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  1. What kind of person would you hit on?

    A tall, fit, darkskin with a good sense of humor. Has Pretty smile and nice eyes.
    Just freaking rich
    Average facial features, a symmetrical face and rich hair color
    No one I'm in a relationship
    Nerdy, quirky, and vanilla white boys
    I'm more into personality and looks fall into place.
  2. What are your weekend plans?

    Jumping from restaurant to restaurant (or club)
    Studying neuroscience and then getting trashed
    Walking to the airport by myself in the middle of the night
    Doing hoodrat shit with my friends
    Going to the beach
  3. If you could curl up with a book what would it be?

    Anything by Tolstoy
    My textbooks
    50 Shades Darker
    Harry Potter
    I don't read
    A 50 year History of the human brain
  4. Your favorite Spotify playlist

    ClassicaI music to stimulate the brain
    Kids Bop
    Top Hits
    Sad songs.
    Anything Ratchet
    I don't have a Spotify
  5. What turns you on?

    physical proximity
    sexy voice
    A big brain
    words of affection
  6. Which famous celebrity would you date?

    Namjoon Kim
    Connor Franta
    Zac Efron
    Hugh Dancy
    Blake Lively
    Tab Hunter
  7. Drink of choice

    Boba Tea
    Root Beer
  8. Go to pick up line

    Do you have a 401k? How's your pension plan look?
    Do you want to count shoulders?
    Can you choke me and talk about molecular bio?
    People use pick up lines on me
    Are you sitting on the F5 key? Cuz you're refreshing
    I have none
  9. What's your spirit animal?

    Golden Retriever Puppy
    A Rich Stay-at-Home Dad with no Kids
    Teddy Bear
  10. How do you like your eggs?

    Over easy
    Over medium
    No thanks, too many calories
  11. Favorite post-hangover food

    Greasy Burger and Fries
    Chicken Ramen
    More alcohol
    Steak and Potatoes
    Taco Bell
  12. What one fear is holding you back

    That Cindy will kill me in my sleep
    Love and/or spiders
    Being forgotten
    That no one will give me attention

Which Gallagher staff are you?

You got: Aliza Ancheta

MMCA Coming off as sweet and charming, you can definitely pull out your sassy side at times. And even though you spend much of your time elsewhere, you know Gallagher will always welcome you home

Aliza Ancheta
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You got: Bailey Ramos Nelson

ARD You have a flare for the excitement. People love you because of your wit, your sass, and your entrepreneur spirit when it comes to looking for a future rich spouse. Unfortunately, you are always working and are a hawt commodity that others only get a small piece of. Maybe one day you'll have a social life again.

Bailey Ramos Nelson
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You got: Peter Nicholson

You are the RA of the 5th floor. You're a fun loving dad that has many interests. You are the rock of Gallagher Hall when shit gets real. One day you will be successful and have it all. (Whatever, GOOD FOR FREAKING YOU. The rest of the Gally staff isn't jealous or anything).

Peter Nicholson
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You got: Vindhya Puttagunta

You are the RA of the 4th floor. Honestly, you're probably one of the weirdest people anyone will meet. While you were raised in a really sheltered household, college made your wild side come out. You eat a lot and never go to the gym. Please change.

Vindhya Puttagunta
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You got: Cindy Kanga

You are the RA of the third floor. Whether it is cruising the streets with your friends or studying in the library, you are always the life of the party. People love to come to you for gossip solely to see your reactions. While you might come off as jaded, you have an intense desire to protect those you care about.

Cindy Kanga
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You got: Paul Benedetto

You are the RA of the second floor. Dancing, singing, and exercising? What can't you do? You're always a busy bee going from one activity to another all the time. Even though the RA job can be tough, you're always smiling. Or maybe you cry in the comfort of your own space. Who knows?

Paul Benedetto
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