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8 Wholesome Blue Apron Meals That Will Have You Feeling Like A Professional Chef

Whether you're a seasoned chef or just stepping into the kitchen for the first time, cooking like a pro is only a recipe away. Check out Blue Apron for balanced recipes that prioritize wholesome ingredients.

Who said eating wholesome meals has to be boring?

Turn on that music, grab your ingredients, and get ready for an's time to eat.

Here are a few Blue Apron meals that'll have you feeling both full and balanced.

Garlic Shrimp & Spanish-Style Potatoes

Garlic Shrimp & Spanish-Style Potatoes

Black Bean & Quinoa Bowls

Black bean and quinoa bowl.

Oregano Pork Chops & Fresh Tomato Pan Sauce

Oregano pork chops & fresh tomato pan sauce dish.

Sambal Chicken & Quinoa “Fried Rice”

Curried Cauliflower

Curried Cauliflower dish.

Crispy Skin Salmon

Crispy Skin Salmon dish.

Roasted Paneer Cheese

Roasted Paneer dish.

Chicken & Salmon

Chicken and salmon dish.

Whether you're kickstarting your wellness journey or just looking for new balanced meals to try, visit Blue Apron and get up to 14 free meals along with free shipping on your first Blue Apron box!