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    Posted on Mar 28, 2018

    Get Easter Ready

    Let us help you Get Easter Ready with this awesome round up of some traditional and non-traditional Easter Sunday menu items. This post is brought to you by some incredible bloggers who were gracious enough to let us share there Easter favorites, so thanks to them and check out their tasty recipes!

    Hot Cross Buns

    Blooming Bites / Via

    Hot Cross Buns are an Easter staple if your wanting to keep things traditional, and this recipe is easy to make in under 30 minutes.

    Overnight French Toast Casserole

    Nomaste Kitchen / Via

    Easter brunch would not be complete without a tasty french toast recipe, and the convenience of prepping the night before does not go unnoticed. Let this soak overnight and throw it in the oven first thing in the morning.

    Sugar Cookie Easter Basket Cookies

    A Baker’s House / Via

    For a little fun on Easter Sunday, get together with your favorites and make these adorable Easter basket cookies. They also make great homemade Easter gifts.

    Lemon Raspberry Dutch Baby Pancakes

    Chocolates & Chai / Via

    On special occasions, we make special recipes like these dutch baby pancakes. Surprise your loved ones with this deliciousness on Easter Sunday.

    Gluten Free Blueberry Bread

    Jar of Lemons / Via

    You gotta mix in some of that gluten free goodness on any occasion, and just look at how incredible this blueberry bread looks!

    Baked Frittata with Pesto, Tomatoes, and Goat Cheese

    Evolving Table / Via

    This easy to make breakfast is great at feeding a crowd, and is low carb, vegetarian, and gluten free making it great for everyone!

    Roasted Salmon with Fennel and Potatoes

    Calling to Chit Chat / Via

    While this might be a great every night kind of recipe, it’s special enough to serve to those on special occasions. And total bonus it’s easy to make on just one sheet pan!

    Dark Chocolate Mini Egg Cookies

    Happy Veggie Kitchen / Via

    Aren’t fun themed cookies just a must on Easter? For you chocolate lovers out there, consider making this tasty dessert.

    Green Bean Casserole

    Southern Parm / Via

    A holiday favorite and takes a total of 30 minutes to cook, this recipe couldn’t be more perfect and delicious for any special occasion.

    Butter Herb Roasted Turkey Recipe

    Cooking with Bliss / Via

    We can’t help feel that there is never a Holiday where a good roast turkey is not appropriate, even on Easter Sunday.

    Raspberry Lemon Scones

    Flour Arrangements / Via

    Perfect for a special breakfast treat or a tasty brunch menu item, add these to your Easter feast and don’t expect leftovers.

    Quiche Lorraine

    Sepcooks / Via

    Add a little French vibe to your Easter Sunday with this delicious cheesy bacon quiche.

    Spring Egg Cups

    Mom’s Dinner / Via

    You can never go wrong with this Spring Egg Cup recipe on any occasion, they are perfection.

    Classic Deviled Eggs

    Sue Bee Homemaker / Via

    Nothing screams Easter like a classic deviled egg recipe, they are just a must!

    Honey Roasted Carrots

    Sue Bee Homemaker / Via

    Including an easy recipe to your Easter Sunday menu helps keep things manageable, so consider this easy yet delicious whole carrots topped with simple ingredients.

    Apricot Chicken Curry Casserole

    My Sugar Free Kitchen / Via

    Not your average Easter recipe, but why not try making something new and spicy.

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