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    Fun Time Cocktails

    It never hurts to indulge in a fun and new kind of cocktail, which you will find our favorite Fun Time Cocktails below!

    Tomatillo Mojito

    Foodal / Via

    You can never go wrong with a mojito, and even better this one is tomatillo flavored for a new and interesting spin on a classic cocktail.

    The Grace Lane Graduate

    Big Flavors From Tiny Kitchen / Via

    These fancy looking cocktails are for all you gin lovers out there. Throw this deliciousness together for an adult beverage after a long day.

    Jack and Cherry Coke Slushies

    Southern Parm / Via

    Slushies are usually for kids right? Not always, and this jack and cherry slushy is the perfect example.

    Spicy Bloody Mary Cocktails

    Sue Bee Homemaker / Via

    The perfect hangover cure, with a spicy peppery flavor that is unbeatable.

    Fancy Peach Margarita

    Simply Happy Foodie / Via

    These fruity margarita are great to throw together for your next fancy party, and is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser.

    Cranberry Rosemary Prosecco

    Fork in the Kitchen / Via

    If this isn’t the perfect wintery cocktail, I don’t what is.

    Apple Ginger Hot Toddy

    Ramshackle Pantry / Via

    For some delicious fall and winter flavors in the form of an adult beverage, feast your eyes on this delicious Hot Toddy.

    Strawberry Moscow Mule Float

    Blooming Bites / Via

    A delicious moscow mule recipe in a handcrafted moscow mule mug with strawberry ice cream on top? Now that’s what we call drinking in style!

    Whiskey Apple Sour

    Blooming Bites / Via

    This sweet and sour beverage is the perfect intro into fall with apple cider, orange juice, and whiskey for that much needed warming sensation.

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