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    It's Been Over 10 Years Since "Victorious" First Premiered So I Ranked All 7 Main Characters From Worst To Best

    Jade: you either love her or hate her.

    7. In last place: Robbie


    We all love Robbie but you knew this was going to happen. Don't act surprised. My favorite moment was when he sang, "You're So Swell" for Cat, though!

    6. In sixth place: Trina

    Trina and Tori arguing over her song present

    Ah, Trina. She's selfish and annoying, but she's also very funny. I laughed my face off when she sang her "She-Cago" song. She's always bragging that she's so talented, but actually, she the WORST!

    5. In fifth place: Jade

    Jade saying "I'm not your clock" when Tori asks about the time

    Jade is really cruel sometimes! When she's mean to Tori, I want to take one of her scissors from her locker and cut off her hair. I was so mad when she got back together with Beck! Overall, Jade is still very talented, though.

    4. In fourth place: Andre

    Andre shouting to help his grandma

    Andre is a funny guy! He's a person that never has problems, but helps others with theirs. He is always there when Tori needs him.

    3. In third place: Tori

    Tori and Jade discussing Jade's ability not to sweat

    Tori is the main character who's always getting into sticky situations. She tries to do amazing things, but sometimes (like for all of us), it goes badly. At the end of the day, though, she’s still a good person!

    2. In second place: Cat

    Cat revealing that she wanted to taste the flavor of a laser beam

    Cat is the cutest and sweetest, for sure! Yeah, maybe she is a little silly, but so what? She's also got the best singing voice.

    1. And finally, in first place: Beck

    A girl calling Jade pretty and Beck saying "I know"

    I know what you’re thinking, but no, I didn't put him in first place because of his beautiful hair! He's the most grown-up in the group and he is always kind to everyone.