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What Is Going On At The Capitol?!?!

Trump tweeted what?! You heard that from CNN? But Fox News shared this.......who is right? I'm sooooooooo confused.

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Sooooooo CONFUSED!!!


When it comes to politics, we all have felt lost at one time or another during the past year. From Trump's sporadic tweets, to parties proving the other one wrong, people don't know what to think. It just seems like nobody on Capitol Hill agrees with each other. All of that makes you frustrated, so what do you do? You vent. Don't worry, we've all been there.

It isn't your fault. You're not crazy.


We all can get heated over politics, but it isn't entirely our fault. Because the leaders at the top struggle to get along with others, it sometimes makes us struggle to get along with others because we're influenced by their example. Now I'm sure they don't mean to cause this drama, it's just what happens when partisan politics go to far. But partisan politics are good in moderation! The Constitution was forged from political debate between parties! Debate is good, but attacking is not good.

What can we do about it?

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I'm going to be honest.....not much. 😔 BUT we can do something because, ultimately, we choose our actions! Jimmy Kimmel said it best at the Oscars. "If we just reach out to someone we like and disagree with and have a positive conversation – not as liberals or conservatives, but as Americans – we could make America great again." (watch 1:09-1:34) So if our leaders are acting childish, we don't need to. If they're being hard headed, we don't need to. We just need to trust the talk show host! 👍

OK, but how does that fix the BIG problems?


Big problems requires big fixes. And big fixes are made up of a lot of little fixes! So fix the things you can! In addition to sharing your feelings on social media, share them with your leaders by emailing President Trump or your congressman! You can even @ them on Twitter! All those things are little fixes. Just remember, they're people too and they have feelings too. Like Jimmy Kimmel said, we want to "have a positive conversation with someone you agree with." That's how things will get done. Our leaders represent us, so let's tell them what we want!

What did I do?


I took the letter writing approach! I have a longer, more formal version of this article here. I sent it to President Trump and the Majority/Minority leaders in the House and Senate! One small from all of us can make a great change!

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