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Our Top 10 Technology 2016

Neither wearables, or the Apple Watch, and Tidal. 2016 was the year of autonomous driving and the electric car, but we have not heard any of these two phenomena. He has also been Netflix and Google Photos , and of course 'Battlefront, the latest video game Star Wars. All of them are on this list opinion of the highlights in technology.

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Tesla, the brand of electric cars,Popular Tech Cars has released a software update for drivers having a model S can see how his car moves alone. Elon Musk, CEO of the company, expects to circulate the first completely autonomous car 2018. Google has spent months doing tests by California with vehicles that do not even have a wheel. And President Ford says that in 2020 the vast majority of cars sold will not need any controlling them human.

No doubt this was the year 2015 the ultimate accolade to this technology. But only in the United States. It seems that in the Old Continent we still feel like James Bond for having to depress the clutch to change gears and in the New World we are taking a beating in this important area. This year the big news for us -Volkswagen apart - sector has been the announcement of the alliance of German manufacturers to build the ultimate electric vehicle.



For Apple, the application of the year has been Periscope. But if you had asked iPhone users it is very likely that the winner would have been Google Photos. This app is the simplest, but solves one of the most pesky problems: lack of memory space. With it you can upload all the pictures we do, in a limited way, and completely free.

Google applies a small compression to each file, but the change is hardly noticeable. So we can always enjoy our collection and download all those snapshots that make us lack. Not to mention his wonderful assistant, who makes movies, automatically organizes and full albums for example, of a holiday- or its spectacular search engine, where we can find pictures by typing terms like 'cat' or 'Asturias'

3. LIGHT L 16


smartphones are killing cameras, but items like the Light L 16 are able to do unimaginable things for an iPhone or a Galaxy. With its 16 lenses (sixteen, yes) is able to create unique images that can then be altered by changing aspects such as depth or focus.

4. Photogrammetry 'Star Wars Battlefront'


A technique that allows you to scan real objects and automatically translate the virtual world. For the Electronic Arts video game system was used to reproduce faithfully from Darth Vader's helmet to the trees that can be seen in the forest of Endor. Too bad we had not gone through so fascinating technology adapter campaign for one player, the most missed by gamers in this game looks.



2016 was a year of record profits for Apple. Your iPhone 6 and 6s have sold like hotcakes. But it has not had all the success expected with the Apple Watch, which has given no official sales figures, a silence that is interpreted by analysts as a gaffe in units sold. The other shocker of the year was the iPad Pro, a huge tablet in whose shadow would dance in ecstasy evolutionary monkeys 2001 A Space Odyssey.

However, the apple company has not given the stroke or one or another, but renewing an old acquaintance: Apple TV. The pileup was not known until now very well what it was has been revealed as a great casual games console, those that can play a retired Tomelloso and your niece who longs for the Rubius and AuronPlay.



The impossible became reality: the Spaniards finally can enjoy streaming system series and popular films in the world. Although still a long catalog to reach the level of other countries. But we do not care because we exclaim with pride: "Netflix and blanket!".



Gradually, the world of smartphones will polarize. The high - end and are around 700 euros unapologetic, and the midrange increasingly is closer to 600 than 300. For those who do not want to go for a Chinese brand, there are few options around 400 euros. Perhaps the better the Nexus 5X, a mobile 5.2 - inch screen, Android 6.0 pure, 2GB of RAM and 16/32 GB of storage. His great but it lacks memory expansion slot and that the euro / dollar so expensive in Europe (US costs $ 375 for the 479 euros worth here). So if you know someone who is going to cross the pond, you know what entrust.


As Google Photos, this invention solves a problem we all face: the safety of our home. Installed in the front door, Ring allows you to view on the mobile screen the caller, and even works as telefonillo distance, by the grace of Internet: you can have a conversation with the visitor as if we were behind the door.

In addition, Ring is very easy to install: just need a screwdriver and a good Wi-fi for chute.

9. Hoverboards


Are ugly, they make a strange noise and who is connected to them seems a maniac who have impaled with an invisible spear. But to summarize 2015 and not put these pots is like talking about the Seventh European Cup Real Madrid not to mention the savoir faire of Jupp Heynckes: an injustice. So here's the pileup that has fallen in love with Justin Bieber, Wiz Khalifa and Jason Derulo, and now reaches Spain. We are dying to see 3,000 people up and down Las Ramblas and Gran Vía aupadas this futuristic skateboard.


The Microsoft glasses that let you see a virtual world built on reality are a hoot that serve both for tomorrow 's video games are immersive experiences so that surgeons can operate following instructions projected onto the body of his patient . These two are just some of the uses that can have this overwhelming technology that does not feel that we are living in the future.

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