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    Lots Of LGBT People Are Horrified At The Prospect Of A Trump Presidency

    "What do I wear to the conversion therapy clinic? Is the guy who administers my shock treatment cute? Should I shave my legs?"

    A lot of LGBT people are disappointed with how the election is going.

    BuzzFeed News spoke to Mary Katherine Ashmore, originally from Georgia, outside of the popular San Francisco gay bar El Rio about how she felt about a Trump presidency.

    My colleague @ceodonovan spoke to people outside the SF gay bar El Rio about a Trump presidency. They're pissed.

    Jed Holtzman, speaking to BuzzFeed News inside El Rio, said that he had spent the past four days in Nevada canvassing in support of Hillary Clinton and that he felt that his work had been defeated. He was crying as he spoke. He told BuzzFeed News he was "completely shocked" by Trump's success in the election and called the candidate an "authoritarian racist, rapist, and fascist."

    "The mood at El Rio tonight is a little celebratory," he told BuzzFeed News, "And I think you're seeing a bit of the shallowness of San Francisco on display. We live in a highly regionalized country, and the people here think that whatever happens in Washington or in the rest of the country won't affect them. A lot of queer people elsewhere are being grotesquely affected by the decision America made tonight."

    Rick Hauptman turned 70 two weeks ago; he served as a delegate for Clinton at this summer's Democratic National Convention, and for Barack Obama before that. "I lived to see the first African-American president, and I thought I was living to see the first female president, " he told BuzzFeed News from El Rio. "I will never see that in my lifetime," he continued, choking back tears.

    Jane Martin, also inside El Rio, said she was scared and sad at the prospect of a Trump Presidency. She works for the San Francisco janitors' union and had also been canvassing in Nevada for Clinton. She was worried about the safety of her colleagues who are Latino immigrants.

    Martin told BuzzFeed News, "People here are in shock. Hopefully we'll be in the streets soon — maybe tomorrow — showing that we believe in a country where everyone is safe."

    "People on the street were just weeping and holding each other," Tarin Towers told BuzzFeed News.

    People online weren't any happier than the people at El Rio.

    Yes, Clinton sucks. But I don't fear for my fucking life as a woman and lesbian if she wins like I do if Trump wins

    if Florida pushes Trump to win after they were the victim of a terror attack where 49 LGBT individuals died, I'll lose all faith in humanity

    Trump later won Florida.

    They're afraid for their futures under a possible Trump presidency.

    me tomorrow after trump gets elected and i cant talk about being gay anymore

    If trump wins, me being gay was just a joke. Got it? It never happened.

    Intersectional hate is particularly strong. Many LGBT people of color on Twitter were not hopeful about their prospects.

    White people really hate us. It's never been more clear.

    As a lesbian Latin woman, I've never been more afraid for my well being. I'm everything that trump trashes on.

    Trump's running mate Mike Pence has supported "institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior" and LGBT people haven't forgotten.

    What do I wear to the conversion therapy clinic? Is the guy who administers my shock treatment cute? Should I shave my legs?

    "don't let politics get in between your friendships" if you straight up voted for someone supporting conversion therapy we are not friends

    me if trump wins an they come knocking on my door looking for gays to take to conversion therapy camp

    So who wants to give me a ride to conversion therapy? 🙃

    I work in coal and can be considered masculine maybe. Do I pass as straight or will pence require me to go to conversion therapy?

    How the LGBTQ community will fare under a Trump presidency remains to be seen. Much has been made of been made of the Gays for Trump movement in the media, but Trump has indicated that he will effectively reverse the LGBT-friendly attitude of President Obama by taking a more hands off approach to the community's issues.