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Cosmetic Surgery Today: 5 Emerging Trends

There are numerous recent articles, interviews, blog pieces or advertising campaigns targeting body positivity, praising all shapes and sizes and encouraging self-appreciation. However, according to The Global Aesthetic Survey performed by International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, demand for surgical cosmetic interventions has skyrocketed last year in many parts of the world. From plastic positive ladies that pursue doll-like appearances to the millennial generation in love with tweakments or seniors chasing after fast rejuvenation, people of all ages and coming from different cultural backgrounds seek the expert's help. Botox injections, liposuction, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, and abdominoplasty are the most sought-after procedures, but in recent years other interventions marked a significant rise in popularity. These are the top five emerging trends in cosmetic interventions:

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1. Fat Transfers

A fat transfer is a complex, but the scarless procedure that allows people to target multiple areas at once. Fat extracted from problematic parts like the tummy through the process of liposuction is purified and then, healthy cells are injected to plump up breasts or buttocks. This gives a soft, gradual curve enhancement to the body, unlike implants which rarely look natural. Also, there is no risk of allergies and the downtime is limited to a maximum of five days.

2. Labiaplasty

In modern culture, women are encouraged to sexually express themselves, to be confident and love their bodies, but sometimes life events like giving birth can leave body marks that lower self-esteem and sex drive. And it seems many ladies are trying to solve this type of issues. Labiaplasty, the reduction of the inner lips of the vulva, is increasing in popularity every year.

3. Lower Body Enhancement

Recent fashion clothing for women focuses more on revealing legs, shoulders, and tummies rather than the cleavage. Further on, sports shoes had a big comeback in 2016 and they will stay for at least a couple of seasons. Unfortunately, they are unforgiving with flabby or plump legs. As a result, cosmetic surgery which targets the lower body is gaining ground. Calf contouring, thigh lifting, skin tightening of the legs and buttock enhancement are all rising in demand.

4. Liposculpting

Cosmetic surgery advances made liposuction a more precise procedure. New liposuction methods help patients to get rid of fat and show well-defined muscles. During Vaser Liposuction, ultrasound technology is used to separate excess fat from the muscles, which later determines a beautiful contouring of the body. Men pursuing an athletic look will love the procedure.

5. Gynecomastia Treatment

Not only women are looking to change the aspect of their breasts. Some men are suffering from gynecomastia or in simple terms “man boobs”, a condition that can’t be treated with dieting and exercise. A special liposuction procedure allows surgeons to remove extra fat and glandular tissue. After the surgery, patients need no more than three days recovery time.

All in all, cosmetic procedures are subject to trends, just like clothing. Fashion, celebrities, female power figures, lifestyle approaches- all these elements impact plastic surgery demands, while researchers are working to keep up with the changes and offer fast and comfortable solutions.

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