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15 Insta-Stars Who Owe Some Of Their Fame To Cosmetic Work

People who appreciate beauty know that Instagram is the place to go. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of Instagram is the amount of beautiful people you can find. Beauty has made people mini celebrities on Instagram. This means money for them, and it could mean more fans, but there is one little thing to point out, which is that many of these beauties have undergone plastic surgery to maintain the beauty they are known for. All one has to do is look through some recent personal accounts like Cosmos Clinic reviews to see that cosmetic work has been evolving. This is probably the reason why the following stars felt comfortable going through their procedures.

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1. Cindy Kimberly

Cindy Kimberly's beauty and fame came after sharing a photo with Justin Bieber. She is 18 and is already modeling and making millions. Cindy had her lips done since her rise to fame, and it seemed to helped her. She can be found at @wolfiecindy.

2. Nita Kuzmina

Nita Kuzmina is one of Russia's most famous Instagram celebrities. She has appeared on some television shows. Her Instagram fame has made her popular. Still, looking at an old picture shows just how much she has undergone. She can be found at @nita_kuzmina.

3. Alena Shishkova

Alena Shishkova is another beauty on this platform who has garnered many followers. She continues to post pictures of herself, and people suspect that she has undergone some botox work. She can be found at @missalena.92.

4. Marina Mayer

Marina Mayer has created a successful brand from her fame on Instagram. She has also used plastic surgery to further her fame by improving her beauty. All one has to do is visit her at @marinamayer777.

5. Katya Juja

Picture perfect Katya Juja has been improving herself with plastic surgery for some time. She is 29 and is a complete star on the platform. She is one of Russia's most prized women. She can be easily found at @katyajuja555.

6. Anna Andres

Anna Andres is considered a Ukranian goddess on Instagram, but this did not happen overnight. She is only 23 but has had work done on her nose, chest, and lips. This is not surprising since many younger people are now open to plastic surgery. She can be found at @ann.andres.

7. Anyuta Rai

Anyuta Rai used to look radically different before her surgeries, but now she is a bonafide star on Instagram. She can be found at @anyuta_rai.

8. Alexandra Markina

Instagram is proud to have Alexandra Markina who has many followers. She has had work done on her nose, chest, and lips. She is another star in Russia who has discovered the true power of her beauty and is using it in her favor. She can be found at @markina.

9. Sveta Bilyalova

Sveta Bilyalova is an Instagram star due to her beauty and overall transformation through plastic surgery. She is a true testament of what these treatments can do for a woman. She can be found at @svetabily.

10. Mara Teigen

No one can take pictures quite like Mara Teigen. She is known as the Angelina Jolie of Instagram though her fame dates back to Myspace. She had work done on her lips, and she can be found at @marateigen_.

11. Jen Selter

Jen Selter had worked done at the age of 15. She improved her butt and nose. She says she has no other work done though some suspect her hips have changed. Jen can be found at @jenselter.

12. Maria Hering

Maria Hering is another Insta-star who has been capitalizing on her beauty for some time. She owes a lot of it to plastic surgery, which has only made her more of a sensation. Hering can be found at @mariahering_.

13. Joselyn Cano

Joselyn Cano is one of those mysteries on the platform. Many say she has had work done due to the changes on her nose, lips, and chin, but no one knows for sure. Still, she is quite the star and can be found at @joselyncano.

14. Veronika Black

Veronika Black is a Canadian model though she does reside in Dubai. Her fame is quite stellar on the platform. Her beauty resembles Angelina Jolie, which many suspect is not by accident. She can be found at @veronikablack88.

15. Abigail Ratchford

Abigail Ratchford is an American beauty and model. She shows her love for her lips and breasts constantly on the platform. Both of these features have earned her fans, but she does have plastic surgery to thank. She is found at @abigailratchford.

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