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10 GIFs That Sum Up Why The Holidays Are Actually The Scariest Time Of The Year

Ho, ho, ho. More like: No, no, no! For a good scare this holiday season, check out Black Christmas in theaters Friday, December 13.

1. When you've only been dating someone for a few weeks and they want to exchange presents.

2. When you look at your bank account at the end of December.

3. When you and your coworkers forget to buy your boss a gift.

4. When your S.O. thinks the holidays are the perfect time to finally meet your family.

5. When you say you can’t wait to reunite with your siblings on December 17, but by December 23 you want to strangle them with literally anything nearby.

6. When your S.O. insists on taking you to their office holiday party.

7. When you have 500 family members staying at your house and you have to hide in the bathroom to get one second alone.

8. When your uncle wants to talk politics on Christmas Eve and you’re not drunk enough for this:

9. When your aunt has a little too much eggnog and keeps telling you to "cherish your youth."

10. When dinner is over and your mom asks if anyone can help clean up.

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