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14 Valentine's Day Recipes For The Girl Who Hates Dessert

When life needs less sugar & a lot more spice.

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1. Stir-Fry Lobster & Noodles

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Bits of Umami / Via

2. Skirt Steak w/ Basil Cream & Grilled Tomatoes

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Green Healthy Cooking / Via

3. Crab Encrusted Halibut w/ Chili Cream Sauce

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Platings and Pairings / Via

4. Cherry Beer Braised Chicken Thighs w/ Figs

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BBQ Bastard / Via

5. Scallops in Brandy Mushroom Cream Sauce

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3 Yummy Tummies / Via

6. Black Garlic and Mushroom Risotto

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The Missing Lokness / Via

7. Zucchini Noodle Lobster Scampi

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Le Petit Eats / Via

8. Easy Homemade Ravioli

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Yummy Mummy Kitchen / Via

9. Sauteed Calamari with Smokey, Spanish Romesco Sauce

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She Eats / Via

10. Grilled Steak w/ Chimichurri

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Recipes from a Pantry / Via

11. Classic Cioppino

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The Hungry Bluebird / Via

12. InstantPot Beef ‘Osso Bucco’ with Polenta

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Krumpli / Via

13. Pork Chops w/ Balsamic Glaze

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Kalyn's Kitchen / Via

14. How to Make Bacon Roses & Strawberry Hearts for the Perfect Valentine's Day Salad

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The Things We'll Make / Via
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