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12 Really Good Excuses For Why You Should Get Delivery Tonight

Your horoscope also said "don't venture too far from home," so it's best not to tempt fate today.

1. Your workload was crazy heavy.

2. So the day just took a physical toll on your body.

3. Even if you did have the energy to cook, your refrigerator situation is pretty dim.

4. And you have no patience for cooking tonight.

5. Your partner, who is way better at cooking, is out for the night and left you to fend for yourself.

6. The idea of navigating the traffic when you're hangry is your worst nightmare.

7. You promised your adorable pet that you'd have dinner with them tonight.

8. Your couch also needs you more than the outside world.

9. Or maybe you're in the middle of a serious binge session.

10. The thought of interacting with people makes you go "ew."

11. Because you've exhausted your social interaction allowance for the day.

12. And so you're definitely not willing to emerge from your hibernation pod...unless it's for food.

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