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6 Blog Post Ideas To Try This Halloween

The weather is cooling down and the crisp fall air is upon us, but the holiday season is just heating up. In the month of October, Halloween is a timely opportunity to showcase themed comtent aka commerce-related content that creatively captures the season while also focusing on products, retailers, brands or services to inspire your readers. Halloween-themed content can have many applications and I’ve got several ideas to get you started. More design:

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3. Buying guides

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Since not everyone has the DIY skills needed to pull off a successful Halloween costume, doing a roundup post of the best costumes (as Bisu Bisu did) or top wigs and where to buy them is a super helpful way to incorporate the season into your content.

4. Recipe ideas

Halloween is one of those holidays where you can get pretty crazy with your recipes. Whether it be for cocktails or ghost cupcakes, chocolate spiders and more there are countless ways to write about Halloween-themed recipe ideas

For food & lifestyle bloggers, providing your readers with step-by-step guides of creating unique Halloween recipes (and where to purchase the ingredients needed) is an effective way of including the holiday in your content calendar.

6. Halloween decorations

Last but not least, Halloween decor inspiration and ideas are always a hit in the season. Create the most Pinterest-worthy posts to share with your readers and include links to resources needed for these inspiring seasonal crafts.

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