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9 Reasons Why Gujaratis Make The Best Friends

We all have friends who come in a variety of odd sizes, shapes, characteristics and a set of things that make them the wonderful unique person that they are. Here are 9 reasons why Gujaratis make the best friends:

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1.You Will Experience The Heaven Of Vegetarian Food

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Dhokla, Fafda, Jalebi, Khandvi, Khaman, Handva, Thepla …name it and you can eat it. Not only that but the delicious delicacies like Chikki, Laadva, Sukdhi, Halwo literally make your mouth water. The best part is your best friend’s Mom will have them in tiffins all ready to munch on whenever. You will never go hungry if a Gujarati is your friend.

2.They Are Slow To Fight And Quick To Make-Up

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Gujjus tend to avoid conflict right until it can no longer be avoided. And, once the rare volcano bursts, they will be the first to quickly make-up. Gujjus believe in maintaining relationships even if it means letting go off grudges sometimes.

3.You Will Always Have A Friend To Haggle & Bargain The Best Prices

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Gujaratis strongly believe in saving every hard earned penny. They aren’t called Enterpreneurial geniuses just like that now, are they? Your Gujju friend will haggle and bargain until s/he gets the best possible price for the purchase.

4.They Will Give You The Soundest Business Advice

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People from this Enterpreneurial state have been known for their business prowess since generations. The Ambanis, Adanis and many other big business names in the Corporate World have direct Gujarati roots. It’s natural that they would give the soundest business advice. Even if your friend isn’t good at giving advice, he has relatives who will ensure you get the soundest business advice. You will know where to invest, what not to invest in and how to go about saving and investing your finances. It’s the culture!

5.You Can Do Garba To Any Song

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Once your Gujju friend gets you hooked on Garba, it’s impossible to go back to the way you were before. Whether it’s music you listen to on the radio, or Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ or maybe Gujarati soundtracks on Jalso music app you can sway to Garba rhythms on any number and just about anywhere!

6.There’s Celebration All Year Long

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The Year begins with Uttarayan, followed by Holi, then comes the wedding season, the Navratri Season and finally Diwali soon after which comes the wedding season again. Your Gujju friend is always high on festivities.

7.You Will Always Have NRI Connections

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With a Gujju friend in your inner circle, no matter which country you’re in, you will always have some NRI Connections to help you out. They are literally everywhere and keen to help a friend of their friend.

8.You Will Never Run Out of ‘Stuff’ To Party

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All those connections, networking and relationship maintaining comes in handy just when it’s the time to throw the perfect party. Your Gujju friend will never run out of the right uhmmm ‘Stuff’ for a rocking party.

9.You Will Always Have A Friend In Need

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Whether your vehicle has broken down in the middle of the street or you have run out of fuel or crying in the middle of night, your Gujju best friend will always be there for you – a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Keep doing ‘Jalso’ with your Gujju friends. You’re lucky to have them.

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