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Courses I've Taken, And Courses You Might Take

My impressions on a whole bunch of biology and other random courses

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History*1010 The early modern world

This is an okay credit to fill your arts requirement. There are a couple downsides however: There is a lot of reading. You will go through an entire textbook (a small one but still). Also, there is quite a big paper that can make or break your mark. The assessments are very difficult if you don't put in the proper amount of studying.

ENGL*1200 Reading the contemporary world

If you are thinking of medical school (because many schools require English credits) this is an easier course to fill that requirement. Throughout the whole year there is one major critique assignment a midterm and a final. Very little work, but that being said it is a good idea to make sure your essay is perfect because a large degree of your mark is determined on it. It is quite a short essay to, so every word counts.

FRHD*1100 Life: Health and well being

THIS COURSE WAS HORRIBLE, that being said I think it was just my teacher. She asked questions on the exam based things she had said in class very briefly! It was hell on earth. I'd check on the current professor before you take the course.

FOOD*2150 Intro Nutritional & Food sci

This course was okay. It had 2 midterms and a final. It is on the heavier side but it still is a reasonable amount of work. If you are interested in food production processes, this course would be very interesting to you. It is also mixed with some classical nutrition such as digestion, and macronutrients.

BOT*2100 Life Strategies of Plants

This course was fun. You study the structure and function of plants. You don't go to heavily into metabolic luckily. However, there is a lab component which adds an extra 3 hours a week to your course time. Additionally, these labs have a tendency to be a bit difficult. Additionally, there is a final project which is marked very strictly.

BIOL*2400 Evolution

Great course! Not too many readings. Really interesting material. There is an exam, midterm and major project.

BIOM*3200 Biomedical Physiology

It was a good course, you learned a lot about physiology (I'd hope so). It definitely did not feel like a full credit course. Thats not to say it was easy or you didn't need to study, you still do. But its so well taught (I took it with Tammy Martinez) that you don't realize how much you are learning.

BIOL*2060 Ecology

If you like nature and stuff this is an interesting course. Somehow they find a way to make half of the course into math (biological modelling). There is a midterm, final and written project.

NUTR*3210 Fundamentals of Nutrition

Good course, you learned a lot. After the course it feels like you know a lot more about what your body needs in terms of food and how to nourish oneself. It felt like it brought all your previous courses together into one. Depending on the instructor it can have very different exam structure.

BIOM*3000 Functional Mammalian Neuroanatomy

This course had so much work. It was hard. Take with caution, however it does teach a lot of interesting things. There is no lab component which makes it difficult to visualize.

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