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Chemistry? Another one. Physics? Another one. Biology? Another one (...and another one...).

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Another one.

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CHEM*1050 – General Chemistry II

This course provides an introductory study of the fundamental principles governing chemical transformations: thermodynamics (energy, enthalpy, and entropy); kinetics (the study of rates of reactions); and redox/electrochemistry.

Another one.

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PHYS*1070 – Physics for Life Sciences II

This course discusses physics of matter and energy at the macroscopic and microscopic levels, with special emphasis on topics of importance to the biological sciences. Topics include properties of waves, acoustics and hearing, optical systems and vision, quantum nature of radiation and its interaction with biomolecules, electricity, high energy radiation and radioactivity.

PHYS*1080 – Physics for Life Sciences

This course discusses aspects of classical physics with particular emphasis on topics of importance in the biological and environmental sciences. Topics include mechanics and applications to anatomical problems, fluid statics and dynamics, molecular motion, diffusion, osmosis, and heat.

Another one. (And another another one).

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BIOL*1080 – Biological Concepts of Health

This course will define the physiology of the individual as the biological foundation of health and focus on selected studies of health and illness in the adult human. Students will derive an understanding of the biological foundation of their own health as an adult and will be encouraged to expand the concepts and processes of individual health to human populations, animals and the environment. Through lectures, laboratories, small group tutorials and an individual research project, students will gain an introduction to research in the health sciences. Students lacking Grade 12 or 4U Biology should consult with their program counsellor prior to taking BIOL*1080 in first semester.

BIOL*1070 – Discovering Biodiversity

This course strongly emphasizes the development of learning and reasoning skills, an understanding of the nature of biological inquiry, and key concepts in evolution, ecology, and organismal biology. These include the meaning and significance of biodiversity and current issues surrounding it, the evolutionary processes through which biological diversity originates and is interrelated, the complexity of organisms and the importance of physical organization and regulatory processes, and the nature of interactions among organisms and between organisms and their biotic and abiotic environments. Students lacking Grade 12 or 4U Biology should consult with their program counsellor prior to taking BIOL*1070 in first semester.

BIOL*1090 – Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology

This course will foster an understanding of key concepts in molecular and cell biology and genetics including evolution, relationship between structure and function, energy and regulation, interrelatedness of life, and the nature of science. By relating these concepts to their daily lives, through analysis of problems and tutorial discussions, students will develop an understanding of five central themes: 1) all living things share common properties, 2) the cell is the fundamental functional unit of life, 3) managing energy is central to success, 4) genes are the fundamental information unit of life, and 5) heredity. Students lacking Grade 12 or 4U Biology should consult with their program counsellor prior to taking BIOL*1090 in first semester.

But School Isn't EVERYTHING!

They don't want you to live a balanced life.

Good luck with the winter semester! Y'all are officially pros now that you've already done it once!

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