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Midterm Study Strategies

There’s hardly anytime to study, so you know that every minute is valuable! Here’s a couple tips on how to make use of you limited study time, courtesy of the University of Guelph Library’s Preparing for Midterms & Exams Guide.

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1. Active Study Strategies

This type of studying prevents you from studying passively, and not really paying attention to what you're doing while you study! Here's few tips to keeping yourself on target:

2. Practice, Practice, Practice Tests

Don't just absorb the information. Practice using it on questions! Practice tests, and assignment questions are your friends.

3. Find a Study Partner of Form a Study Group

If you haven't been going to SLGs this semester, I totally recommend putting together your own study groups instead.

4. Create Diagrams to Summarize Information

Many of you are probably visual learners, and remembering a picture or diagram might be easier than remembering tables, or paragraphs of textbook material.

Concept map! Draw a diagram of specific, key course concepts

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Try a concept map where the most important ideas are in the middle, and less important ones line the outside

5. Use Strategies to Help Reduce Forgetting

Consider some of the following ideas:

Try using flashcards

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Write the question on the front and the answer on the back. Carry them with you, and study in short periods of time (e.g. waiting for the bus, or in the caf)

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