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The Vampire Novel 'Uninvited' And Its Gaining Popularity

Vampires, also known as Nosferatu, or “The Undead” have been a part of human legend for centuries.

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Vampires, also known as Nosferatu, or “The Undead” have been a part of human legend for centuries. They are most often defined as malevolent and mysterious creatures, who survive on the blood of living beings. Nowadays many movies, books and teleplays tell stories about them; as a result, there never seems to be a shortage of fans for tales of blood-suckers. Legends and myths of vampires exist in every culture throughout the world, with supernatural claims stretching back as far as recorded history. Whether they exist or not, depends on one's belief.

Human beings always want to know something that is unknown to us. We try our best to find the facts behind the legends of the vampire, though we still don’t have undisputable proof of any such creature ever existing. Vampires have been studied in many literature works and courses. Besides, the myths and legends about vampires are indeed spellbinding.

It should come as no surprise then, that author Mike Gagnon’s new novel “Uninvited” is creating some early buzz in the world of literature.

The vampire fiction story is Gagnon’s longest novel yet, and has already been tipped as potentially being his breakout hit.

Once again, Gagnon has drawn on his own life experiences, notably a former relationship, to tell a truly anti-Valentine story as opposed to a fluffy vampire romance. Uninvited is a story of life, and the process of moving on, following a mentally abusive relationship with a sociopath.

As with his previous work, this latest novel pushes the boundaries of genre rules, with the story exploring very real, and often dark aspects of life including mental health, emotional abuse, and living with drug and alcohol addictions.

The protagonist is tormented throughout these issues by the antagonist, a literal vampire, who continually tries to psychologically force them into being a willing, submissive victim.

Gagnon’s other recent novel releases include ‘Skidsville’ and ‘Sex and the Circus’, but this is his first vampire fiction story.

Uninvited will be released for digital download, rather appropriately, on Valentine’s Day (February 14th, 2017).

Uninvited can be pre-ordered on Amazon by clicking here:

Facebook: /mikegagnonfanpage

Twitter: @themikegagnon

Instagram: /themikegagnon

Having had a love for comic books since he was five-years-old, Mike has gone on to write and illustrate for a number of renowned clients, including Marvel Comics and Dark Horse Entertainment. Having drawn inspiration from a wide pool of inspiration such as Frank Miller’s Sin City and Will Eisner’s The Spirit, Mike’s take on often heavy subject matter, even through humor, has received widespread acclaim.

In addition to writing, Mike is an instructor, helping to nurture talent among the next generation of artists and writers in a number of art organizations, and also at Toronto’s Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art and Design.

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