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This Women's Prom Dress Is Making Money For Scoliosis Warriors

Desiree Mitchell is helping give a voice.

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This is Desiree Mitchell, the founder of @scoliwarriors

On Sunday, Desiree decided to put her prom dress up for sale and have people bid on it in so she could raise money for the Scolio Warriors Foundation.

The prom dress which was handmade by Desiree's grandmother went viral in 2015 and even had a petition to get Mattel to create a prom Barbie in her image.

After posting on her Twitter that she was selling the dress, Desiree instantly had multiple bids come in.

"A lot of people have reached out to me about potentially buying this prom dress, and now I finally have the guts to sell it! I also figured, why not dedicate this sale to Scoli Warriors?" Desiree said.

So far the bid on the dress is already over $2000 and is going towards helping many with scoliosis.

The proceeds which will go to sending a select group of Warriors beauty products is one of the few things the support those with scoliosis.

"I'm so proud of what the support group has become. I've raised money to help people with scoliosis pay for medical expenses if they didn't have the money or the insurance."

Desiree has taken time to speak with people and visit children in hospitals to comfort them and hope to do more to help the Scoli Warriors.

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