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15 Underrated Black YouTubers To Subscribe To

Procrastination and representation all at once.

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1. Ms Nigeria

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Sunshine is our online best friend. Whether she's doing a challenge video, giving us advice or vlogging her day we're sure to be laughing until we're out of breath.

2. It's Only Asia V

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Asia V's beauty and hair videos give us life. Her colourful backgrounds, flawless skin and expert editing will make sure to keep you coming back.

3. Adessy

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Adesola's videos will keep you working on developing yourself and her vlogs will make you appreciate university just a little more. Her advice is always amazing and we absolutely love her!

4. 4YallENT Vlogs

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The 4YallENT vlog channel follows the life of Jae and Trey but the editing makes their lives 10x funnier than usual. That's not where it ends though, these guys also have a channel full of hilarious skits and a YouTube talk show where they take on different topics.

5. Melanin Rich Nyajal

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Nyajal has got the makeup tutorials on point for us melanin blessed beauties and with every video of hers we watch we learn the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice!

6. Mimi Missfit

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Whether we're watching a makeup video, are given advice or watching a challenge video, we love everything on Abena's channel. Subscribed!

7. Lydia Dinga

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From her workout videos to her hair and makeup tutorials Lydia will make sure we're never caught slipping. Also don't forget to check out her vlogs and her hilarious challenge videos!

8. Grace Ajilore

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Are you ready to laugh until tears roll down your cheeks? If so you need to subscribe to Grace. Her story time videos are enough to make you stop your higgy hagga behavior and experience it through her channel instead.

9. CheekyLadNextDoor

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Whether he's quizzing drunk students or giving us the A-Z on finesse chicks we're sure to be enjoying and learning from Reuben's hilarious videos.

10. Live From Layfield

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Whatever you need advice on, these best friends have got your back. Whether it's relationships, school, friends or money these girls have got you covered and will keep you laughing too.

11. Teeyana Aromi

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We love Teeyana's videos and from her profound advice to her vivacious vlogs we learn one thing, we all want to be a lot like her.

12. MeetThePatronnes

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The Patronnes are those big sisters you go to for advice and makeup tips. Not only have they launched their own cosmetics line Patronne Cosmetics, they also happen to be teaching us how to get to that level of success too.

13. Nella Rose

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Nella Rose's channel makes us all want to be a part of her squad and discuss topics like sex, body image and being broke at uni. Her videos will have trying to catch our breath during laughing fits.


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Watching Amina's videos is like having a deep conversation with one of your best friends. Amina takes us along her journey of celibacy and reminds it's okay, because you still slay without a bae!

15. Mcleon Okon

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Mcleon's channel is filled with vlogs, skits, reaction videos and advice and we love every video. No doubt, Mcleon will have you laughing off your seat.

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