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10 Photographers On Instagram Sharing Black Girl Magic

Wait! Let me fix my hair.

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1. andreuncut

André Uncut's page is like walking through all the best memories of the 90s. Don't try to deny it, we all want to be photographed by him. And we can't forget his videos are the cherry on the nostalgia cake.

2. shotbysed

Instagram: @shotbysed

Not only is Sed's page filled with gorgeous portraits of his fiance Nadirah Ali his extremely detailed pictures help us see the beauty in everyone.

3. thecamchamp

TheCamChamp's pictures tell us one simple message. You can never have too much highlight. These girls are glistening and we're definitely here for it.

4. shotbydt

Instagram: @shotbydt

ShotbyDT has pictures displaying all types of black girl magic. From dancers, to graduates, singers to models, ShotbyDT has amazing portraits of them all.

5. everydaypeoplestories

Instagram: @everydaypeoplestories

Throughout the EverydayPeopleStories Instagram we see the beauty of blackness and the stories of people from all over.

6. photosbydarrin

Instagram: @photosbydarrin

Visiting the photosbydarrin page we get to see the beauty in black and the beauty in colour so we're always eager to see what he captures next.

7. jajajay_

Instagram: @jajajay_

We love how the jajajay_ page captures the different variety of black girls in all their magnificence.

8. islandboiphotography

The islandboiphotography makes us all want to rock our fros'. Oh, and especially covered in glitter and paint.

9. fireshone

Instagram: @fireshone

We love the fireshone page and how the natural beauty of these melanin queens are captured.

10. a_kid_named_trav

Instagram: @a_kid_named_trav

We love how different and bold a_kid_named_trav is with his pictures and know we could spend an hour scrolling through his page and never be bored.

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