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    18 Times Olly Alexander Was Just Too Perfect On Instagram

    Or, "18 Times Olly Alexander Melted Your Fragile Heart."

    1. When he performed at The Glastonbury Pride Festival:

    2. When he saw himself on TV in Australia and was adorably humble about it:

    3. When he asserted his prowess for sleeping:

    4. When he rehearsed in a cute lil' crop top:

    5. When he promoted awareness for World Mental Health Day:

    6. When he sparkled in this chic outfit:

    7. When he got excited about performing at Wemblay Stadium:

    8. When he posed for Out magazine:

    9. And for GQ:

    10. And then for Evening Standard:

    11. When he blessed this grass:

    12. When he promoted marriage equality with his then-boyfriend, Neil Milan:

    13. When he wore this:

    16. When he took this selfie on stage:

    17. When he blessed the aisles of this Wal-Mart:

    18. And, finally, when he snuggled with his cat, Stewie:

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