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Dmitry Druzhinsky

Our signature style consists of a narrative and several icons. In the five years of the brand, we had three additional piktogramki. The first is for gingerbread "Dobryanka", which makes a local resident. She bakes cakes, makes one against it has nothing, it is a plus and the city, and brand. The second example is a local community of cyclists, they also made a separate icon, they use it in their Souvenirs. We are happy because in the city there is more media corporate identity. Another icon made for our non-profit organization. I do not exclude that in a few years, when more entrepreneurs will use the brand style, we formalize all this. But I think it will still be free. What are necessary skills and traits to make it all pull? Over the years I have understood that I need to develop the team. First and foremost, is a visual culture. We have to monitor the implementation of corporate style. Of course, you have to own information technology. I mean the increased use of technology to simplify work. The same online surveys, work with social networks or media, not just publishing posts and track statistics, the hashtag, the formation of the media plan. Requires basic knowledge of marketing and branding. Although I didn't have it. Yes, to some extent, this represents a discomfort in communicating with specialists-theorists. dmitry druzhinsky for traits, it is a constant desire for something new, good communication skills and the ability to look at what is happening. This will not be tied to political structures, to specific individuals and organizations.

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