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Billie Mastered The Razor Game So Now They’re Expanding Into Other Beauty Products

Billie is looking to take over your entire bathroom shelf.

Hey, you know Billie? The beloved razor company that is bucking the pink tax and selling effective razors for basically half the price of the competition?

Well, good news! Billie pretty much made the perfect razor, so they have decided to expand into other bathroom-related beauty products.

And these products are just like the original line: beautifully designed, effective, and super affordable. Let's take a look at what's launching:

1. Wonder Wipes: A pack of biodegradable, sorta-magic wipes that'll remove your makeup and leave your face feeling fresh and clean.

2. Super Salve: Tinted lip balm that'll leave your pout looking better than ever.

3. Floof Dry Shampoo: A volumizing dry shampoo that'll give your 'do a refresh between washes.

There you have it! Three new products that you'll probably reach for every single day. Shop the full collection here.