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11 Times Gaby Espino Totally Slayed Your Entire Life

Can she even look bad? We don't think so. Catch Gaby when she hosts the Billboard Latin Music Awards Thursday at 8/7c on Telemundo, and keep an eye out for the launch of Target's #lucete campaign! In partnership with Gaby, obvi.

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2. She is perfection. It's like, she leaves the house = she slays. Period.

Courtesy of NBC

Here's Gaby demonstrating to us mortals how to hold a selfie stick and look like a total goddess at once.

11. ...which is almost as awesome as her confidence.

Courtesy of NBC

Gaby exudes positivity, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the best way to complete a look that truly, truly S L A Y S.

You can count on Gaby to be fiercer than ever Thursday at the Billboard Latin Music Awards at 8/7c on Telemundo...and witness the launch of Target's #lucete campaign during the show!

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