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Bill & Ted Return To Face The Music In Their New Movie, And It Looks Excellent

Now more than ever, we need a movie that teaches us to be excellent to each other and party on, dudes.

Unless you're a huge slacker, you know that Bill and Ted are coming back!

That's right. The dynamic duo who had the most excellent adventure, traveling through time to pass a history exam...

...and embarked on a bogus journey to face Death himself...

...have returned once more, this time in Bill & Ted Face the Music!

On lead guitar, reprising his role as William "Bill" S. Preston Esq., we have Alex Winter.

And...also on lead guitar, we have Keanu Reeves, returning from hiatus to play Ted "Theodore" Logan.

And "The Music" they're facing, well we don't quite know yet...but we DO know that the soundtrack is going to be killer and features a brand-new song from fellow California shredders Weezer!

We also know that this time, Wyld Stallyns have been called upon by the Great Leader, the most powerful person in the universe, to write a song in 78 minutes that will save all life on Earth and reality itself.

Sounds like an awful lot of responsibility for two now-middle-aged slackers from San Dimas, California. But don't worry. Bill and Ted will be backed up by their own daughters, aptly named "Billie" and "Thea" played by Brigette Lundy-Paine and Samara Weaving.

Billie and Thea are assembling the most triumphant band to help, including Mozart and Kid Cudi!

There's also Kelly, the daughter of Bill and Ted's wise, old adviser Rufus, played by Kristen Schaal.

In addition to the new members on lineup, the gruesome twosome will be aided by an old ally: Death is back and ready to rock once more!

And, as always with Bill and Ted, they will be receiving help from their far-future selves, who appear to be going through an extremely jacked phase of their lives.

So while our own reality seems unsure, Bill & Ted Face the Music is the perfect movie for such times, inspiring us to get our own bands back together, be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes.

All images courtesy of Orion Pictures.

Bill & Ted Face the Music is now available On Demand and in theaters! Check out this most triumphant music video for Weezer's new song, "Beginning Of The End" featuring the Wyld Stallyns themselves!

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