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10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Biker Culture

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1. When the chopper scene collapsed in the '80s, Paul Yaffe single-handedly salvaged Phoenix's motorcycle scene by betting on baggers.


2. Baggers are named for their saddle bags, but were a crazy bet considering their generally older target audience.

3. Offering a line of bike mods is the difference between working out of a shop… and your garage.


4. Winning a motorcycle building show like Sturgis can make your entire career as a bike builder.

5. Playing with fire is encouraged.

6. The more stuff you break when venting, the better.

7. The two most important colors in the industry are black and chrome.

8. When it comes to your work, getting emotional every once in a while is OK.


9. Not everything has to be serious, though.

10. And no matter how bad the fight, there’s still time for a friendly handshake.